Oh. My. Gawd.

We undoubtedly live in the age of the atheist, particularly in western culture.  I’m fine with that as I happen to be a member of that club.  However, as I don’t take too kindly to bible, tanakh or koran bashers banging on about their beliefs, I don’t see why non-believers need to bang the drum of disbelief either.  Everyones entitled to their own point of view but shut the fuck up eh? Nobody wants to hear what you think.  Any fucker born post 1995 seems to wear their atheism as a badge of honour, something to be proud of and almost mocking those who believe in something.  Bit shit, that.

Simultaneously, with each passing year since 2000 I have noticed a massive increase in the use of “Oh my God”.  Yes, this is irritating as fuck, nobody with half a brain cell could argue against that but its the complete lack of awareness and sense of irony that baffles me.  Anyone 18 and under now seems to use “Oh my God” as their default sentence.

Greetings Tarquin, we’re taking you to DisneyWorld…”OH MY GOD!!!”

Alright Chardonnay , I’ve bought you a happy meal…”OH MY GOD!!!”

Hello LeBron, sorry but we’ve ran out of cous cous so it’s hummus sarnies for tea…”OH. MY. GAWWWD”

Bonjour Tiger Lilly Apricot, now then, don’t over react but you know how you live in England and it’s November, well, sorry but, erm….it’s forecast to rain tomorrow…”OOOOHHH. MYYYY. GODDDD!!!!”

There should be a rule that if you renounce The Lord, Jebus, Allah or whoever the Jews think is class, then you relinquish your right to say “Oh My God”. If you haven’t got a God then you aren’t allowed to mutter those words. The world would then be an infinitely better place.

It makes me wonder A) where has this shit come from? & B) will it ever end?  I suppose the obvious answer to part A is the USA.  Another one of their fantastic cultural contributions, thanks. Will it end? Nah, probably not.  As the youth of today seem to be obsessed with daft cunts opening boxes on YouTube or whatever, I can only see things getting worse.

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