CotM – February 2019

Greetings and welcome to the very first edition of Cunt of the Month.  Let’s face it, there’s millions of cunts out there and sometimes it’s difficult to sort out the half arsed cunts from the proper professional cunts.  Don’t worry though, we’re here to help.  Each month we’ll be asking our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers to grass up a friend or foe for being a cunt by tagging them.  We want to know what they’ve done this month to deserve such an accolade.   The funnier the stories the better.

The ‘winning’ poster will receive a voucher to select a prize of their choice from our website.

If applicable, the Cunt of the Month will receive a Cunt of the Month t-shirt or mug.

Both the poster (grass) and cunt will also be entered into end of the year awards whereby they’ll be hoping to win Cunt of the Year.  The cunt will receive a trophy and the grass of the year will receive a bigger prize which we’ll announce nearer the time.

So, getting cracking people and get tagging.  There’s loadsa cunts out there just waiting to be grassed up and you could win some free stuff. it’s win-win.

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